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Bangkok Aqua Plus Co., Ltd. ( Grandaquatic.com)

We supply all kind of aquarium freshwater tropical fish more than 300 species from Thailand that very popular aquarium fish in the world. our farm and warehouse are the ornamental tropical fish disease free farm certify by the Ministry of Agriculture and Co-operative of Thailand. and all of our fish pass the health quality and disease control had the Live Aquatic Animal Health Certificate from Aquatic Animal Health Research Institute. we had worldwide tropical fish export 15 year experience.

We export very popular tropical aquarium fish : Angel , Barb, Betta, Brackish, Catfish, Cichlid , Cichlid africa, Danio, Discus, Eel, Goby, Goldfish, Gourami, Guppy, Killifish, Koi, Loach, Marine-Fish, Molly, Platy, Rasbora, Sharks, Shrimp , Swordtail, Tattoo fish, Tetras, Turtles, Miscellaneous fish and aquatic plants.

Why you must buy fish from our company ?
1. Experience in export live tropical fish business more than 15 year.
2. Full facility of large size of live tropical fihs export company.
3. Registry with The Fisheries Department of Thailand, thay approve and allow export to all country in worldwide.
4. Use new technology in packing process for the best efficiency in transportation fish for less DOA.
5. All shipment, we work with the number one of forwarder agent of Thailand.

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